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Shabbat Hospitality 

If you are in town for a simcha, job interview, or visiting  relatives, we can provide home hospitality for Shabbat within walking distance of the Shul. Please email us at for more information.

If you would simply like to enjoy having a Shabbat meal with others or to meet new and interesting people, we are happy to offer  hospitality to visitors and recent arrivals to our community. If you’re interested  and are within walking distance to our shul, give us the opportunity of hosting you for a Shabbat meal.  For more information please contact us at


Mazel  Tov Meals

We provide dinners for one to two weeks including Shabbat for every YIOP family with a new baby. We also assist in making preparations for a Shalom Zachar if needed and other services if requested. Please contact Chani or Margery at to let us know when your baby arrives.


Shiva Meals

We provide a dinner  to members during the week of Shiva. Please contact us at 248-967-3655 or  if you know of a YIOP famility in need.


Sun, September 23 2018 14 Tishrei 5779